Leadership Council – Sun Chao and Elaine Shaw, co-chairs

Annually, the church invites all members to the Church Conference in order to vote on important matters of administration and ministry. This annual Church Conference represents the highest level of temporal authority within the local church.

In order to provide oversight and leadership throughout the year, the Leadership Council serves as our Church Conference’s executive agency, monitoring ministry progress and voting on important matters. The Council’s primary duties include setting strategic direction for the church, overseeing the church’s governance and administration, and ensuring that FUMC’s ministries are accomplishing the church’s purpose, vision and plans.

Are you potentially interested? Read the Leadership Council job description.

Committee on Lay Leadership (formerly Nominations) – Rev. Nancy Lynn, facilitator

The Committee on Lay Leadership (CLL) oversees the identification and development of volunteer leadership at FUMC. The Committee supports the care for the volunteers at FUMC by inviting, connecting, equipping and sustaining volunteers for Christian service. It’s main emphasis is to guide the nomination process for church leadership. Does this interest you? Read the Committee on Lay Leadership job description.

Finance Committee – Ted Brokaw, chair

The Finance Committee develops and administers a coordinated plan of fiscal and administrative policies and procedures for the church. It oversees the financial health, the annual audit, provides financial direction; and communicates the church’s financial condition to the Leadership Council.

Do you have financial and organizational skills? Read the Finance Committee job description.

Staff Parish Committee – Nancy Quay, chair

The Staff Parish Committee acts as a liaison between staff, clergy and the congregation. The committee reflects on staffing needs in order for FUMC to fulfill its mission and on the role and work of our pastors and staff as they carry out their responsibilities.

This committee also works to ensure that FUMC is a fulfilling place to work.

Committee members cannot be related to any FUMC staff personnel. Might you be interested in this committee? Read the Staff Parish Relations Committee job description.

Board of Trustees – Anne Cox, chair

This Board is charged with the care and maintenance of church property- real, personal and intellectual. It holds title to property, buildings and equipment. It is also responsible for managing and receiving property for the church.

Trustees must be at least eighteen years of age. Major items include building repair/renovation, space planning, disaster planning, traffic management, and security.

Does this interest you? Read the Board of Trustees job description.