Circles Information
Wednesday, October 18
8-9:30pm in the Wesley Lounge

Circles is a program that works to address poverty by empowering people in poverty with skills, knowledge, and support to achieve their goals to become self-sufficient. It works via healthy, long term relationships to assist families and individuals to lead themselves into permanent self-sufficiency. No handouts are expected or given. Rather, community volunteers help under-resourced participants find better ways to budget, resolve conflict, create networks, and gain the skills needed for successful employment and advancement. People support one another through friendship and fellowship to make life better for our whole community.

Circles groups exist all over the country, including right here in Washtenaw County! On Wednesday, October 18th from 8:00-9:30pm, the Wesley Foundation will host a talk from Circles leaders and allies from Grand Rapids to learn more about the work that they have begun to eradicate poverty and how you can get involved in that process for our neighbors in poverty in the Ann Arbor area!

Circles is an INITIATIVE

Circles is a community movement or method to resolve poverty.


Circles does not provide financial assistance. We seek to resolve the roots of poverty rather than manage the symptoms of poverty.


Circles adds value by working with organizations, agencies, employers, and others in the community who are already providing quality programming and services to effect change in the lives of low-income residents.


Circles raises the community’s Poverty IQ, and engages in community advocacy to address systemic and community level barriers to prosperity for all.

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