FAQ Sermon Series

Sermon Series: What are our FAQs about faith, God, or the Bible?
Six sermons

In January and February of 2019, we will tackle the six questions asked most by people who came to our Christmas Eve services. Our Christmas eve congregations decided the questions — we’ll give you the best answers we can! Join us, starting January 12 & 13, for our sermon series called (what else?) FAQ.

January 12/13  – FAQ: How Do We Reconcile the God of the Old Testament with the God of the New Testament?
Green Wood – Rev. Nick Berlanga
Downtown – Rev. Nancy Lynn

January 19/20  –  FAQ: How do Christians respond when they don’t agree?
Rev. Tim Kobler

January 26/27  –  FAQ: How are Christian Denominations Similar and Different?
Rev. Nancy Lynn

February 2/3  – FAQ: What happens when we die?
Green Wood – Rev. Nick Berlanga
Downtown – Rev. Nancy Lynn

February 9/10  – GLOBAL MUSIC WEEKEND (Break from FAQ Sermon Series)
Green Wood – Rev. Nick Berlanga and George Jonte-Crane
Downtown – Rev. Paul Perez

February 16/17  – FAQ: Does God like some people more than others?
Rev. Nancy Lynn

February 23/24  – FAQ: Why does God allow suffering?
Rev. Nancy Lynn and Rev. Nick Berlanga in dialogue