Updates to Parking at FUMC through Oct. 8
Our usual parking options are limited due to construction. Entry to the FUMC lot will be intermittently blocked at Washington Street.

Parking on Sundays
On Sundays, there will be access to the FUMC parking lot and to the promenade FROM STATE STREET. Vehicles wanting to park in the FUMC lot will need to turn onto Washington from State Street heading WEST. This is a change from weekday access.

As in recent weeks, vehicles heading EAST on Washington can reach the parking structure but NOT the FUMC parking lot. Entrance is blocked by a barricade.

Other Sunday options
Downtown parking in garages and at metered locations remains free on Sundays. The entry to the Liberty St. structure on Washington across from First Baptist Church is accessible. There’s also free street parking along Huron and State streets.

Parking During the Week
Washington access to our church parking lot will be CLOSED on these weekdays: Sept. 25-29 and Oct. 2-6.

Huron Street (our usual exit) is the ONLY entry into the FUMC lot. Spaces are blocked off to allow drivers to turn around in the lot because they must also EXIT the lot onto Huron St. Please use care navigating this congested space.

Nearby parking structures and metered spaces are available for a fee.

We hope to have full access to the FUMC lot beginning Oct. 8.

Accessible Parking
There are four designated accessible (handicap) parking spaces within the lot – two are for vans needing space for side ramps. Please leave van spaces for vehicles with side ramps. Parking on the blue striped access aisles is prohibited.

We are recruiting access helpers to be present to assist those with mobility issues. Anyone who is able bodied and would like to help should email amy@fumc-a2.org to volunteer.

AirGarage is not operating while the Washington entry is blocked.