COVID Guidelines for All Indoor Worship

  • Masks are mandatory regardless of vaccination status.
  • Please maintain social distancing (4-6 feet) between household groups or established “pods”. Downtown: pew ropes have been installed that block every other pew from use.
  • Bulletins are self-serve and available at entrances to the sanctuary.
  • Offerings may be left in the baskets near the sanctuary doors. Electronic giving can be done using the QR code indicated on the bulletin or here.
  • You may register your attendance online here, use the QR code on the bulletin, or fill out an index card available at the self serve station. Leave index cards in the baskets when existing the sanctuary.
  • Downtown: Holy Communion in the sanctuary, the congregation will come to the front by the side aisles and return single-file to their pew via the main aisle. Partake of the elements after returning to your seat. Keep in mind your social distancing. Please place the empty containers in the waste baskets as you exit the sanctuary. We will continue to use the pre-packaged communion elements.
  • Downtown: Connections (fellowship hour) will resume at a later date when it is safe to do so.
  • If you are ill, please take care of yourself at home. We look forward to seeing you again at church when you are healthy.