Parents & Volunteers

Parents & Volunteers

Adult volunteers having direct contact with youth are required to attend volunteer training, which includes a background check.

  • Counselors: Our UMYF counselors are the adult volunteers who commit to working with the youth on a weekly basis and take on roles such as running games, facilitating a small group discussion, and/or planning and leading a program. Our mission trip counselors accompany the youth on one of our overnight excursions. The leaders are responsible for mentoring the youth on the trip and are also assigned specific tasks or duties depending on the nature of the trip.
  • Sol Café Teachers: These individuals teach on Sunday mornings for six– to eight-week sessions. Curriculum are chosen based on teacher interests and passions as well as United Methodist tradition and theology. They get at least one day off a month when we participate in Family Worship (communion on the first Sunday of the month).
  • Sol Café Shepherds: Some adults volunteer on a regular basis to assist class teachers. This ranges from one a month to weekly.
  • Parent Council: Our parent council works behind the scenes for specific events during the year. If you are a person with strong organizational skills, this group is for you.

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Tips for 7th Grade Parents

If you are interested in volunteering for the youth program or have any questions about getting involved, please contact the youth office,