Youth grades 7-12 are invited to join us for our spring and fall retreats.

Fall Retreat, dates T.B.D. (typically in October)
Fall Retreat offers unique and meaningful experiences to connect with God, grow in faith, and build relationships. Our retreat at Judson Collins includes get acquainted activities, games, campfire, singing, small group activities, personal reflection plus some free time for fun and crafts!

Spring SoulFull Retreat, dates T.B.D. (typically in March)
The annual SoulFull Retreat focuses on developing your spiritual life and nourishing your soul. It provides time to be still and sense God’s presence. As part of our traditional Saturday evening prayer ceremony, we offer blessings for our incoming 7th graders and outgoing 12 graders. Last year’s retreat was an enormously uplifting experience for our group. Seniors are invited to depart early Friday morning to assist with leadership.

Please visit our Youth Forms page for other required retreat forms.

Scholarships: Lack of funds is not a reason for nonparticipation! We have funds available to provide financial assistance and all requests are confidential. Contact Wendy Everett at or 734.662.4536 if you would like to request a scholarship.