Sunday Morning Sol Café

The Sol Café: Light for Teen Souls
Sunday mornings, 9:20–10:30 am

Join us in Calkins Hall (top floor, southeast corner, downtown) for refreshments and fellowship with friends.

9:15 am (ish) Refreshments available
9:30 Worship: announcements, singing, and prayer
9:45 (ish) Break into classes
10:30  Classes conclude

Sometimes we offer two options for high schoolers organized with 9th-10th graders and 11th-12th graders meeting in separate classes, and sometimes we offer two classes allowing youth to make their own choice.

Family Worship – First Sundays

We encourage family worship on the first Sunday of the month; youth may sit with their families or other youth. Youth may participate in worship leadership by reading scripture and serving communion.

Upcoming Schedule

We meet every Sunday during the school year except the first Sunday of the month, which is Family Worship Sunday. Youth sit with their family or with other youth and experience communion.

  • Fall classes resume on September 15.

Current Class Offerings

  • 7th & 8th Graders: Explorers, based on the re:form curriculum by SparkHouse. This class is a key component in preparing students to be confirmed. Together we explore issues of faith such as Who wrote the Bible? Can it be proven that God exists? What if my friends aren’t Christians? (September through May)
  • 9th-12th Graders: Our high schoolers experience a variety of classes during the year using curriculum such as Animate, Echo the Story, Teaching Tolerance, Ancestors, etc. In the late spring the classes prepare the youth for their summer mission trip.

Hosting Sol Cafe

Parent volunteers sign up to host Sol Cafe each Sunday morning, providing refreshments for the youth. Here is a set of guidelines – remember: NO NUTS!