Facilities Strategic Planning Project


On May 7, 2023 the membership voted to support the Leadership Council’s motion authorizing the Board of Trustees to sell property at 1001 Green Rd. The motion passed with a vote of 187 yes, 26 no, and 7 abstentions.

The sale of property will not happen for at least a year, which will allow “time for discernment that would include regular Green Wood worshipers, and to decide a plan to sustain and grow a non-traditional worship.” We acknowledge this decision will be painful for some, particularly regular Green Wood attendees. As we move forward with dreaming and planning for the future of FUMC, we will also be supporting our friends and members who call Green Wood their church home, hoping and praying we can create a welcoming and fulfilling space to meet the diverse worship experiences we have grown to appreciate at FUMC.

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