Strategic Planning

FUMC’s New Strategic Priorities

On February 23, 2019, about 75 people gathered to begin identifying what we want to focus on for the next 3-5 years. There was great energy and excitement about the future of our church. We came up with broad strategic priorities. After fine-tuning the priorities over the last six months, we are now forming teams to work on each one. Think about what you would like to do and be a part of FUMC’s bright future!

1. Launch a Small Group/Life Group Initiative!
The goal of this team is to ensure that each person in the congregation has a “way in” to a community-within-a-community and “hook” to engage them in work, fun and activities that they’re interested in.

Contacts:  Nancy Crawford, Debbie Houghton, Jeff Mortimer, Wendy Payne, Gail Upson

2. Launch the “Social Justice League”!
The Social Justice League will support and coordinate our efforts in both mission/outreach and social justice, helping us connect to our community and world with love, generosity and inclusivity.

Contacts:  Ted Brokaw, Wendy Everett, James Pauer, Shonagh Taruza

3. Invest in Communication!
This team will help us increase the effectiveness of our internal and external communications including increasing our social media presence.

Contact:  Sheila Waterhouse

4. Reimagine an inviting and relevant worship experience!
The focus of this team will be helping us create worship services that are meaningful to those already in our worshiping community as well as those outside our door.

Contacts:  Carole DeHart, Shonagh Taruza

5. Express our values and faith in the use of our physical resources!
This team will lead us forward in exploring the future of our buildings and properties to ensure that our church is sustainable long into the future.

Contacts:  Anne Cox, Moni Dressler, John Kaczor, Rick Miller, Keith Radak, Elaine Shaw