COVID-19 Protocols: The church is following all recommendations regarding masks, social distancing, group size, and number of households present. 

Meeting locations are indicated with abbreviations for rooms at our downtown or Green Wood buildings.  Send any requests, changes, or cancellations to the church calendar to the Administrative Assistant, Adele Roy (734-662-4536 x11).

Note to meeting leaders: If your already-scheduled meeting will require a special setup, please print and fill out a Room Setup Sheet (sometimes referred to as a “Green Sheet”) and turn it in to Marty Javornisky in the church office at least five days prior to your event.


Notice: Building Access and Safety (August 15, 2012)

We are a church located in the city and so we are called to ministry where we are.  However, there are areas of concern about which we need to be aware.  It is important that church members are comfortable when entering and leaving our downtown building especially in the evening.

When having an evening meeting each group should collectively take care to see that each member of the group reaches his or her vehicle after the meeting has ended.  This may be accomplished by having the group leave the building all together or in groups of two or three.  If an issue arises when entering or leaving the building, contact the custodian and he will take action to deal with the situation.

Our custodial staff has been instructed to secure and lock the downtown church each evening by 9:30pm. Our practice at FUMC is to have evening meetings end at 9pm.  This allows ample time for everyone to be out of the building by 9:30pm.  In situations where a meeting might possibly go beyond 9:30 it is suggested that the meeting start at an earlier time so that it can be concluded by 9:00 or that the meeting be held at Green Wood.