Covid-19 Fund

April 3, 2020

Greetings Friends!

Did you know FUMC has been in service in Ann Arbor for 185 years? During that time, our community and country have experienced a lot of anxiety-ridden events, including the Civil War, two World Wars, the Great Depression, the 1918 flu pandemic, civil unrest, and so much more. Through them all, FUMC has endured, remaining steadfast in its commitment to service to its community and the world.

Today, we face yet another challenge—COVID-19—that calls us to not only hold firmly to our trust in God but also to actively and faithfully support each other through prayer, service and gifts. We pray that our families, communities and nations will recover with minimal harm from COVID-19. If you need assistance, prayers or support, please contact the church and speak with the pastoral staff (Nancy, Nick, or Amy).

One critical way for our church to be in service during this time of physical separation is to have dedicated financial resources that can assist with meeting the economic pressures of this global pandemic.  FUMC has established a COVID-19 Fund that will be used to reduce financial hardships resulting from this crisis. Gifts to support this effort will be received into the existing pastor’s discretionary fund, and disbursements will be made in consultation with the recently formed Social Justice League at FUMC. Funds will be used to meet the urgent needs of individuals and families, including groceries, medical bills, transportation, housing and mental health services. We will also identify and support community agencies providing direct services, as funds are available.

Can you help? As you see on the daily news, the needs everywhere, including right here in Ann Arbor, are dire. Your generous support of this fund will help ensure FUMC’s continued commitment to be a beacon of hope and a source of love in this community and around the world.   Donations of any size are appreciated! If you are able, you might consider donating:

  •  Savings from reduced commuting costs
  •  Savings from restricted social activities
  •  A portion of the Federal stimulus payment
  •  Tax refunds
  •  Required Minimum Distributions from IRA
  • Any amount you feel is appropriate

You can make donations in one of the following ways:

  • via the church website (
  • using the FUMCAA PushPay app – by text (text FUMC AA to 77977)
  • with a check mailed to FUMC, 120 S. State St., Ann Arbor, MI 48104, or
  • by using online banking options provided through your bank

In all cases, indicate gift is for COVID19 fund.

Thank you for your faithful support of FUMC of Ann Arbor! Your continued support will be a blessing to others during this difficult time!

With gratitude,

John Kaczor – Finance Committee
Ted Brokaw  – Leadership Council
Nancy Lynn  – Senior Pastor

P.S. Please continue your regular giving to FUMC as well. While the church may be closed, our staff continues to work, the mortgage must be paid, and most operating expenses (insurance, utilities, maintenance, etc.) continue.