I’m new…

So, what is First United Methodist Church of Ann Arbor all about?

We are a church that looks toward the future!  While we celebrate our 190-year history, we understand that God is not calling us backward.  Rather, God calls us out of the comfort of the present and into an active faith that meets the needs and challenges of tomorrow.  We seek to be a church leaning forward so we may discover where God is taking us.

Our Journey Together:

Know God. 

We know God by opening our minds and learning at every stage in life. It is not a static academic pursuit or study in history. Our faith is lived out in real time. It calls us to act and react, and continue to learn and grow.

Love Others.

Loving the neighbor, the stranger, and those in our family is an intentional connection where we become the hands and feet of our faith. Showing hospitality and providing support and encouragement connects each of us to the church family and empowers others to get involved.

Serve the World.

The passions of our congregation members propel us to learn about and act on local, domestic, and international issues that need our attention and support.

Some Logistics Below…

When and where are Worship services?
Downtown services are at 9:30 and 11:15 a.m. on Sunday mornings. From May through August, we have one service only at 9:30. Green Wood services  are at 5:00 p.m. every Saturday evening. (Our addresses – with live links to maps – are at the very bottom of this page, in the rust-colored bar.)

What are the services like?
What to expect at our 9:30am Sunday services.
What to expect at our 11:15am Sunday services.
What to expect at on Green Wood 5:00pm Saturday services.

Is the church accessible?
Yes! Read all about accessibility at FUMC.

What is going on at the church for families with children (birth through 6th grade)?
Have a look!

Do you have a Youth group (7th-12th grade)?
We sure do!

What about programs for Adults?
Oh, there are LOTS of opportunities for adults — Adult Education, Adult Fellowship, and many ministry opportunities including outreach projects!

How do I find out what is going on at the church?
There are several ways. During worship services you will receive bulletin announcements which are available on the website before the weekend. The church calendar is also available online. But we also have a section of the website dedicated to special events that are Coming Up. To receive regular notices from various groups, you can sign up here.

Does the church broadcast its services?
We no longer offer a radio broadcast of our downtown 9:30 worship service. Podcasts of the scripture reading and sermon are offered via this website. Recordings of the 9:30 services are available on cd-rom for a small fee by ordering through the church office, info@fumc-a2.org.

Where can I park downtown?
Parking is tight downtown! Check out our page on Parking at FUMC. There are a couple of parking garages within walking distance of First Church. The closest is Liberty Square garage on Washington Street, directly across the street from our own lot. On Sundays, parking at Liberty Square is free.

Who do I talk to about making an appointment to see clergy?
The clergy keep their own calendars and should be contacted directly. (See our Staff page  for contact information.)

Who schedules rooms for events or meetings? Who schedules Weddings?
Adele Roy, the Administrative Assistant, keeps the church calendar and schedules rooms in the church buildings. Adele also takes all wedding requests. See our pages on Wedding Policies, Recitals, and Event Bookings for additional information.

Does First United Methodist Church marry non-members?
Yes, however the calendar is reserved for members until one year out from the date. All weddings are officiated by FUMC clergy. See our page on Wedding Policies  for additional information on weddings.

Can I park in the downtown lot when I’m not on Church business?
Our lot is small and often crowded when there are activities in the church. Please park elsewhere if you are not here on business.

How do I get tickets to Green Wood Coffee Houses?
Call Green Wood, 665-8558, and leave a message specifying your name, phone number, and the number of tickets you will need. If there is time, mail a check for the total to the Green Wood address. Tickets will be waiting for you at the door. Reservations made without payment may not be honored at the door. Alternatively, you may purchase tickets online through our Paypal links on the Coffee House web page.

Are my contributions to the church tax-deductible?
Please consult our Contribution Policy  and your tax professional to determine to what extent your contributions are tax deductible.

Is this the church where that man from China hid out in the attic for 4 years in the late 1950’s?
Yes! The story attracted national attention and was featured in LIFE magazine. Here is a link to more information about the peculiar case of Cheng Guan Lim, the University of Michigan Engineering student who hid in our attic downtown.

How do I get more information about the church?
Call the church office at 734-662-4536 or email us at info@fumc-a2.org and we will be happy to provide you with additional information on programs and missions of First United Methodist Church of Ann Arbor.

So many abbreviations! What do they all mean???
Well, here’s an “Alphabet Soup” list — let us know if we’re missing something!

What is a “Green Sheet”?
If your event will require a special setup, please print and fill out a Room Setup Sheet (sometimes referred to as a “Green Sheet”) and turn it in to the church office at least five days prior to your event.

How can I publicize my event most effectively?
See the Publicity Worksheet for information on assembly of publicity information, options for getting the word out to the congregation and community, and room set-up guidelines.

If there is something missing from this page, please let us know!