Since 2003, we have supported a rural community just outside Meru, Kenya. In line with a long standing Methodist tradition, it has been around bringing the opportunity for education where there was none. It started with providing the bricks and mortar for the community’s first high school. It has since expanded to providing educational support at both the secondary and primary levels. It now includes a daily porridge program at the primary schools where food scarcity is chronic.

The schools in Kenya closed in April with the announcement that all students would repeat the year they were in. The impact has been huge. Students were without school and without a daily meal. As the economy closed down, the government was unable to pay the teachers and they were unable to find other work. We have stepped in with providing bags of crushed corn meal to school families and a fund to help keep teachers afloat until the schools reopen.

So how do we Love our Kenyan Neighbors in 2021? We are launching two humble projects.

5-minutes of Love: The first project is share our love and concern. We are asking for short letters or cards we can ship to Moses Marete, the head teacher at the BLISS Secondary School, to distribute to the staff and students at BLISS and the two primary schools. ANYONE (all ages) can write one… these can be handmade or formal. On the outside indicate if it is for a staff member or student, and if it is for the secondary school or one of the primaries. The cards can be left at the church. Donations to cover the shipment are welcome.

20-minutes of Love: The second project is to help with providing a safe educational environment as schools open. Both staff and students need reusable/washable face masks. We will be happy to provide a set of instructions. We will need masks to fit pre-schoolers through adults. We are creating these instructions now. Contact Kathy Macdonald at for more information.