Caring and Support

Caring Ministries are the hands and feet of a large congregation, providing outreach to support people with special needs or to show hospitality and encouragement to people in transition. If you know of a congregation member who has been admitted to the hospital or who needs assistance, please contact the church office. We are all called to care for one another, so we encourage you to join a ministry team or look for ways of reaching out to others in our church community.

Help for New Moms
We are lucky to have a church member who is a lactation consultant and is willing to offer advice and encouragement to new moms who are experiencing problems with breastfeeding.  If you would like help in this area, please contact Amy Kennedy at or call Amy at 734-662-4536 to be connected with this valuable resource.

Caregivers Support
At some point in our lives, many of us will find ourselves in the role of caring for a parent, spouse or family member. In the past, we have offered a support group, workshops and adult education classes as needed to support those in this season of life. If you are need of caregiver support, please contact Amy Kennedy, or 734-662-4536.

Grief Support Team
This team supports individuals dealing with loss. If you would like to offer companionship to someone who is grieving or if you know of someone who needs support, please contact Amy Kennedy, or 734-662-4536.

J.O.Y. Luncheons
Each year, we host luncheons for our Just Older Youth (meaning anyone in the congregation who is over age 65). We serve three J.O.Y. Luncheons over the course of the year, in the fall, winter, and spring. Lunch is served at your table and followed by a short program. Please join us for fun, food, and fellowship! Contact: Tina Alee, 734-662-4536 ext. 10 or

Memorial Receptions
This UMW group gives compassionate care to grieving families by providing memorial receptions following services at our church. We welcome additional people who would like to help. Contact Ann Hanton, 580-2107 or to get involved.

Prayer Ministry Team
The Prayer Ministry Team serves our congregation with both email and phone Prayer Chains. If there is a prayer concern anyone may email, phone, write their request and place it in one of the Prayer Request boxes; submit a prayer request online; or contact a pastor directly. The Prayer Ministry Team offers spiritual events at various times. Please watch for announcements in the church bulletins and via church emails. Contacts: Olivia Fanning,, or Phyllis Dillon, 734-663-6351.

Uncommon Threads
Uncommon Threads is a group of knitters and quilters who make prayer shawls and prayer quilts for those in need of comfort. This group meets 1st and 3rd Mondays at 1:00 pm at Green Wood. They meet January through May and in September and October.
If you would like to join in this ministry, contact Sandy Hultquist, or 734-663-8890.
If you know of someone in need of a quilt, please contact Amy Kennedy, or 734-662-4536.

Visitation Team
This group’s mission is to keep in contact with members of our church who can no longer attend church or who just need a friend to call on them from time to time. We call the people we visit our “JOY friends” after our JOY luncheons.  During the holidays, the team sends out cards and notes to brighten a member’s day. The team meets every other month to report about our visits and to share ideas of how to better serve those in need. If you are interested in this kind of ministry, please contact: Phyllis Rector, 734-482-8999 or