Bread for the World Offering of Letters

Bread for the World – Offering of Letters
An annual campaign

Bread for the World Offering of Letters is an opportunity to advocate for key federal funding and policies that help support people experiencing hunger and/or food insecurity. This annual campaign engages churches, campuses and other faith communities throughout the United States in writing letters to Congress. FUMC’s “Mind the Gap” is a study and advocacy group focused on the core causes and solutions to food insecurity in our community.

We will kick off our 2019 Bread for the World Offering of Letters on September 21 & 22.

During this campaign you can write a simple letter to your representative encouraging their support and improvement of government programs to help recipients maintain food security and move out of poverty.

How you can participate

From September 21 & 22 – October 6:  at Sunday Connections, and in a basket at Green Wood, we’ll have additional information, sample letters, a letter you can personalize, and envelopes so it will just take you a few minutes to get a letter completed and ready to send to offer your support! You can also access a flyer about lettering writing including addresses for representatives here.

You can drop off your letters in the basket at Green Wood or at Sunday Connections. If you choose to send emails or letters from home please let Lynn Palacios ( know what you’ve sent so we can track our progress toward our goal of 200 letters this year.

With questions about the Bread for the World Offering of Letters campaign, please contact Lynn Palacios at 734-769-0392. Find out more about our Mind the Gap group.