Our Justice League

Justice League

The Justice League is a new group at FUMC AA which has been set up to help coordinate and nurture our mission, outreach, and advocacy efforts. The Justice League is an umbrella organization for the many outreach projects FUMC AA is involved in and emerged from our strategic initiatives. (Click here to read the Justice League charter.) 

If you work on a mission, outreach, or advocacy project with FUMC, you are a part of the Justice League! 

Another goal of the Justice League is to help identify and respond to any gaps in FUMC’s outreach activities. While the Justice League has just gotten started, we realized that one of our first activities would be to help with FUMC’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. Here is a list of ways you can help. 

FUMC has also established a COVID-19 Fund that will be used to reduce financial hardships resulting from this crisis. Funds will be used to meet the urgent needs of individuals and families, including groceries, medical bills, transportation, housing and mental health services. We will also identify and support community agencies providing direct services, as funds are available. The Justice League will help support the pastors in determining how best to distribute these funds. If you are aware of a need in our congregation or community, please contact the church and speak with the pastoral staff (Nancy, Nick, or Amy), or contact a member of the Justice League (James Pauer, Tori Booker, Ted Brokaw, Shonagh Taruza, Mary Danforth, Wendy Everett, Lynn Palacios, Lynne Pauer).

Contact us at justice@fumc-a2.org.

We look forward to helping serve as God’s hands and feet in the world.