The Religious Action for Affordable Housing (RAAH) is a formal coalition of religious congregations, individuals, and nonprofit housing organizations that began in 1999. Its mission is to work for a sustainable increase in permanently affordable housing for rent and purchase in Washtenaw County, especially for families of greatest need.

RAAH works collaboratively with existing nonprofit affordable housing organizations, such as Avalon Housing, SOS Community Services, and Michigan Ability Partners.

Most recently, FUMC took part in Avalon Housing’s Apartment Preservation Program by raising $15,000 as its contribution to a fund dedicated to the purchase of 72 apartments in Ann Arbor; they will be converted into refurbished, genuinely affordable housing and be managed by Avalon Housing, recognized nationally for best practices in such undertakings.

RAAH’s Values

– Support programs that seek to serve families and individuals who are most vulnerable and have the greatest need.
– Support affordable housing projects that create a substantial number of units.
– Promote housing that remains affordable in perpetuity.
– Encourage the creation of supportive community in affordable housing developments.
– RAAH is committed to ecologically sound and efficient use of land.
– RAAH understands that families of limited income need both rental and homeownership opportunities.

How Big is the Problem of Homelessness in Washtenaw County?

According to the Washtenaw Housing Alliance, a local consortium of agencies serving the homeless that maintains data about those receiving services, there were over 4,200 people who were homeless or at risk of becoming homeless in Washtenaw County in 2008, the most recent year for which data is available. The number of homeless people continues to increase.

For more information please contact Josh Warn (973-1063).