Immigrant Hospitality Team

Our Path to becoming a Solidarity Sanctuary Congregation

Our work on the “Solidarity” Sanctuary Congregation resolution began in March of 2017. At that time Erik Wong and Becky Dean brought to the Leadership Council the need for our church to play a role in supporting organized sanctuary efforts to help immigrants in need as a form of outreach ministry.  The leadership council requested a resolution to describe the concept of “Solidarity Congregation”. The FUMC Resolution on Welcoming Immigrants was completed over the following month.

An All-Church Conference took place in our downtown sanctuary on Sunday, June 11, 2017. At this meeting the congregation voted to approve on our official support of becoming a “Solidarity” Sanctuary Congregation.

The work continues through our “Immigrant Hospitality Team”

The Immigrant Hospitality Team is a group that formed after FUMC voted to become an official Sanctuary Solidarity Congregation as part of the Washtenaw Congregational Sanctuary Network. The Immigrant Hospitality Team coordinates ways to assist immigrant families in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area, specifically undocumented individuals facing deportation who are taking sanctuary in a local congregation’s building while they seek legal advice. Anyone interested is welcome to attend our Immigrant Hospitality Team meetings.

We want to hear from you! We are assembling a database of people who may want to volunteer with the team, and the specific areas of support they may be interested in. Because the team is quite new, we don’t have specific volunteer opportunities yet. However, we do have an idea of some general volunteer categories, based on the Resolution on Welcoming Immigrants (passed at the All-Church Conference on June 11, 2017), as well as ideas from other communities of faith involved in the local sanctuary movement. Please fill out this brief form to indicate your interest, and we’ll keep you in the loop as the team develops and opportunities arise!

Monetary donations are appreciated. Please put “Immigrant Sanctuary” in the memo line of your check or indicate your online donation as such through our giving kiosk.

With questions, please contact Jan Fisher  or Jo Goodrich


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