On Sundays during our Connections fellowship time (September-May), 12oz bags of fair trade organic coffee beans are made available for purchase. Four different varieties are typically available:

– Organic Sumatran Gayo Mountain Dark Roast
– Organic Bolivian Medium Roast
– Organic Columbian Fondo Paez Medium Roast
– Organic Water Processed Decaf Medium Roast

All four varieties are sold for $10/bag.

Where is the coffee roasted? 

These coffee beans are brought to Michigan and roasted by a Traverse City company called “Higher Grounds Trading Company.”

Why Organic Fair Trade Shade-grown? 

The Fair Trade Labeling Organization works with coffee-growing cooperatives all over the world that promise growers a dignified wage for their product. The cooperatives grow their organic coffee in an environment that sustains the precious biodiversity of their habitat. [Read more]

How does the church get involved? 

We sell the beans and use proceeds to help local organizations that are providing critical need in the Ann Arbor and Detroit area, including House by the Side of the Road, RAAH, SafeHouse Center, Habitat for Humanity, IHN Alpha House, Food Gatherers, Friends In Deed, Community Action Network, NOAH, and Cass Community Services. Over $4,500 has been generated and forwarded to these worthy local ministries through the purchase of coffee beans.

We thank you for supporting these assistance groups AND those who grow the beans (with a fair wage) AND the Michigan business (who roasts the coffee) with your purchases!

Contact: Adele Roy (662-4536, adele@fumc-a2.org)