We have two buildings in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our calendar references rooms in each with the following abbreviations:

Green Wood Map   |   Green Wood building abbreviations:

GWALCOVE – Alcove area at the top of the stairs
GWKIT – Kitchen
GWLOT – Parking lot
GWLL_North, GWLL_South, GWLL_Nurs – All rooms on the lower level of Green Wood
GWSANC – Sanctuary at Green Wood

Downtown Map    |   Downtown building abbreviations:


A, B, C – Preschool rooms on the ground floor
ASB – Asbury room on the ground floor
NURS – Nursery on the ground floor
PR – Wesley Pine Room on the ground floor
SH and KIT – Social Hall and Kitchen on the ground floor
WESTENT – West entry on the ground floor


ALD – Aldersgate room on the first floor
CH – Chapel on the first floor
SANC – Downtown Sanctuary on the first floor
WKRM – Workroom on the first floor
WL – Wesley Lounge on the first floor


204 – Room 204 on the second floor
211 / 212 – Large classroom space on the second floor that may be divided into two separate rooms with an accordion divider
215 – “Elbow” room or “Upper Room” with the glass wall and small stage on the second floor
CALK – Calkins Hall on the second floor


LAWN – Wesley Lawn
MEMGAR – Memorial Garden