Below is clarification regarding parking in our downtown lot and how it works.


  • People who have not paid to park in our downtown lot are first left warning notices. These are not tickets, just simply reminders that you need to pay to park in the lot. If you receive a warning notice, please do not disregard it. If you are a congregation member, call the office at 734-662-4536 and let Tina Alee know you need a code.
  • If there’s no one in the church office or the office is closed, you should be paying to park. The cost is $2 an hour. 70% of this revenue goes to the church.
  • Air Garage keeps track of how many times a particular vehicle has received a warning as well as photos of the vehicle, the warning that was left on their windshield and the date and time of the violation.
  • All vehicles in the parking lot will be left warnings at least two times prior to ever being immobilized. The soonest a vehicle would be immobilized would be on the third violation.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or 734-662-4536.