People are getting tickets in our lot! Please read below for clarification regarding our parking lot and Air Garage.

First United Methodist Church uses Air Garage to monitor the parking lot. You need to register your car to avoid receiving a ticket. You need to register your car only ONCE. Do not continue to text the same license plate to Air Garage. Once you have registered your car, you do not have to do it again. You can just come into the lot and park your car.

Please make note of which telephone number to use. There are two telephone numbers on the signs in the parking lot. Church members, regular attendees and anyone who has a code from the church office should dial: 734-436-3805. All others should dial: 734-436-3848. The system will ask for a credit card number as you are paying to park.

Your car is NOT registered if you don’t put in a code (provided by the church) or a credit card number to issue payment. Just putting in your license plate does NOT register your car.

If you do not have a code from the office (because no one is in the office to give you a code), you need to dial the pay to park telephone number so you don’t receive a ticket.

At this time, it is $2 an hour to park in the parking lot. A ticket from Air Garage is $42.

If you don’t want to text your license plate to Air Garage, call the church office at 734-662-4536 and Tina Alee will add you to the database. She will need your license plate and cell phone number.