Justice and Activism Ministries

The Justice League

The Justice League is a group that helps coordinate and nurture our mission, outreach, and advocacy efforts. The Justice League is an umbrella organization for the many outreach projects FUMC AA is involved in and emerged from our strategic initiatives. (Click here to read the Justice League charter.) FUMC has established a COVID-19 Fund that will be used to reduce financial hardships resulting from this crisis. Funds will be used to meet the urgent needs of individuals and families, including groceries, medical bills, transportation, housing and mental health services. We will also identify and support community agencies providing direct services, as funds are available. The Justice League will help support the pastors in determining how best to distribute these funds.

Contact: justice@fumc-a2.org.

United Methodist Women at Ann Arbor First

The purpose of United Methodist Women is to put faith, hope and love into Action to help empower and improve the lives of women, youth and children in the United States and around the world. Ann Arbor First UMW is one of the local groups that is part of this National organization. There are about 20 members on the Leadership Team. There is a separate booklet that lists the Leadership Team members as well as the members of the various subgroups within the church that usually meet once a month. Each group has a different focus, often related to building community, learning about local ways to help women, children, and youth, continuing spiritual growth, presenting one or more social action workshops every year, and helping with fund-raising to support local, national, and international missions. There is also a group of women that provide the Memorial Service Receptions, if requested.

Contact: Marilee Woodworth, Current President of the AAFirst UMW Leadership Team.

Immigration Hospitality Team

The Immigrant Hospitality Team is a group that formed after FUMC voted to become an official Sanctuary Solidarity Congregation as part of the Washtenaw Congregational Sanctuary Network. The Immigrant Hospitality Team coordinates ways to assist immigrant families in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area, specifically undocumented individuals facing deportation who are taking sanctuary in a local congregation’s building while they seek legal advice. Anyone interested is welcome to attend our Immigrant Hospitality Team meetings.

Contact: Jo Goodrich

Justice for Our Neighbors Michigan

JFON is a non-profit that provides pro bono legal services to vulnerable immigrants living in Michigan communities. FUMC AA supports JFON through hosting events, activities and operations, such as use of church facilities, co-sponsorship of educational programs and overall promotion of our work. JFON attorneys help low-income immigrants understand their choices and navigate the complexities and barriers of the legal system. JFON legal clinics and visitation programs run every month. Educational and advocacy activities, trainings, and events take place throughout the year. To find out more, volunteer or make a donation, visit the JFON website: http://www.jfonmi.org/

Contact: Tori Booker


Coming soon.

Contact: Marilee Woodworth

Racial Justice Group

Coming soon

Contact: Shonagh Taruza