The pandemic is hard on weary healthcare workers and we are partnering with Michigan Medicine to offer handwritten notes of encouragement to show our appreciation. We have written our first batch of thank you notes and want to create more. If you would like to contribute to this effort, please look over these guidelines before writing your note. We welcome handwritten greetings with encouraging notes. In respect for the diversity of the beliefs of Michigan Medicine’s staff members, please avoid religious language.

What to put on the envelopeFor You – With Appreciation 

Suggestions for handwritten messages inside:

  • We see you and we appreciate you.
  • Please know that we are thinking about you.
  • We know your job isn’t easy. Thank you for being there.
  • Thank you for working through the pandemic.
  • Wishing a wonderful day to a dedicated person – you.
  • Your hard work and dedication makes a positive difference.
  • We recognize your loving work and we send you warm wishes.
  • Your community cares about you and your dedication to us.
  • You are appreciated for the caring work you do.
  • You matter to many people. Thank you for standing by us.
  • We are sending you a big thank you for the cheerful way you care for us.
  • Thinking of you and thanking you for your hard work.

You may add a personal note about how someone in health care has helped you, your family or a friend if you like.

Suggestions for how to sign your note:  

  • From a grateful community neighbor.
  • Or from an appreciative community friend.

You are free to include your first name if you like. 

Don’t have time to write a note?

  • We also invite you to donate blank cards or (non-religious) notecards with cheerful fronts. They will be used by other volunteers to write encouraging notes.
  • Cards can be dropped off in the box across from the church office downtown. Look for the box labeled “Notecards for healthcare workers”.

Thanks for considering being part of this project.

Questions: Contact Susan BailyLinda Leslie or Amy Kennedy.