We rely on volunteers for almost everything!


Administrative Committees

Our Administrative Committees care for the vision, business, and function of the church. Want to find out more about the committees, who leads them, and when they meet? See our Administrative Committee page.


Volunteers in the church office

If you can spare an hour or two each month during business hours (8 am – 4:30 pm) we would gratefully appreciate your help with one or more of the following projects:

Church mailings
Sometimes a mailing is a single folded sheet of paper that needs to be put in an envelope, but often there are multiple pieces, or even a folded newsletter. And once those envelopes are stuffed, they will need labels, and perhaps postage. These are fun projects with friends or to get to know someone new.

Printing projects
At certain times of the year we might prepare handouts, brochures, and letters that need to be printed.

Answer phones
One Wednesday mornings the church staff gather for worship and their weekly meeting. Each week we rely on a volunteer to answer phones and assist with questions at the front desk. (Typically Wednesdays, between 9:30-11:30 am, but we need this at other times as well!) To get on our rotating list, contact Tina Alee: tina@fumc-a2.org | 734-662-4536.

Pew Pocket Monitor
Be a part of this critical team of dedicated “stuffers”!  Serve once a month (either alone or with friends at your convenience during the week) and make sure our sanctuary pew pockets are filled with prayer cards, communication cards, offering envelopes, pens, and other literature as necessary. With interest, contact Tina Alee: tina@fumc-a2.org | 734-662-4536.

Bulletin Collator
Each Friday morning the individual sheets comprising the bulletin are collated and distributed by a rotating group of people. Think of this as time to catch up with a friend while shuffling papers into place – and fulfilling a critical need each week! With interest, please contact Tina Alee: tina@fumc-a2.org | 734-662-4536.

FUMC Reporter/Photographer
Join the church team as a reporter/writer/photographer, writing articles and shooting photos for our publications and website. You will be provided assignments, contacts, and story ideas. This opportunity offers a flexible time commitment, and will be scheduled by project deadlines. With interest, contact Adele Roy: adele@fumc-a2.org | 734-662-4536.


See our Hospitality page for information on volunteering on Sunday mornings.

Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry often look for volunteers to teach education programs, sort and prepare supplies for projects, classes, and mission trips.

Special church events require folks to set up, bring refreshments, host the event, and clean up afterwards.

Outreach Ministries need support to complete their projects.

Keep an eye on our weekly bulletin announcements for opportunities to roll up your sleeves!