Connections Instructions Food/Cold Drink Teams (revised 9/13)

Thank-you for hosting connections time.  As a member of the food and cold drink team it is expected that your group will bring in the food, set-up food and cold drink tables, be welcoming hosts and hostesses during connections and then help clean-up.  Some groups use their week to display information about their group or mission.  The hot drinks team is responsible for the coffee (both the espresso cart and the air pot tables). That being said, if you notice something that needs doing please help them out.

It is estimated that you will be serving approximately 200-300 of the baked item (depending on the size of item) and will need approximately 5 pounds of fresh fruit or vegetables.  Please remember NO NUTS.  You can make adjustments to these numbers based on your own observations as weeks go by.  These amounts should be doubled for “High Attendance Sundays” (i.e. Thanksgiving, Advent season, Easter time), and can be halved for “Low Attendance Sundays” (i.e. after Christmas, after Easter).

Receipts may certainly be submitted to Marty in the office for reimbursement if you choose (please find a blue reimbursement sheet on the table outside the downtown office and fill it out – include your name, address and “connections food” with receipt).

Set-up (arrive 8:30 or 9:00-9:25), 2-4 people

Three tables are reserved for food and cold drink.

Most supplies are located in the first section of the pantry across the hallway from the kitchen.  A few things (i.e. water pitchers, cutting boards, serving utensils, knives, silverware) are in the kitchen.  Trolleys can be used to carry things to and from the social hall.

On each table place a cloth tablecloth (we have purchased several new cloth tablecloths to be used instead of plastic tablecloths), napkins, base for drink dispenser and a few stacks of plastic cups. Most weeks we use about 5 racks worth of cups.  Return trolley and empty racks to kitchen near end of dishwasher.

Place food on trays (located in pantry).  You will find it very helpful if the majority of food items were prepared at home (i.e. washed and cut up).  Keep food in kitchen (refrigerate if necessary) until church is dismissed.  You can cover with plastic wrap or dish towels.

Fill drink dispensers with water and ice (or lemonade if preferred).  Place these in fridge to bring out when church is dismissed.

Put several large dirty dish collection tubs on trolleys or chairs and place around social hall.

It is good to warm the dishwasher ahead of time.  Close door on dishwasher, turn on exhaust switch (behind pots and pans rack) and turn on dishwasher.  Detailed dishwasher instructions are located in the World Peace Cafe folder located in the water pitcher cupboard and posted above the dishwasher area.

With practice you should be finished before church starts!

Hosting (leave church during last hymn until about 11:15am), 2-4 people

Bring food and drinks out to the tables, usually 1 container of drink and 2 trays of food per table.

Replenish food and water as needed, clear away empty trays and cups.

Greet “partakers”, especially welcoming visitors, use this time to invite new people to your group!

Clean-up (11:15-11:45) 3-5 people

At 11:15am, bring everything in from social hall on trolleys, place tablecloths in laundry baskets (under microwave)- custodial staff will wash them.

Pack away leftovers in sealed containers, take home or label and put in pantry, refrigerator or freezer.  Often the Wesley group is happy to have any leftovers for their lunch.

Wash trays, lemonade dispensers and water pitchers in sink.  Allow to air dry.

Bring trolley of coffee cups (behind espresso bar) into kitchen near end of dishwasher.

Our custodial staff has kindly offered to help with the dishwasher in the past.  This may or may not be true on the Sunday you host, so be prepared to run the dishwasher.  If you need help, please find a custodian and ask. Again, detailed dishwasher instructions are located in the World Peace Cafe folder in the water pitcher cupboard and are posted near the dishwasher area.

Many of the miscellaneous items from the espresso cart can be run through the dishwasher as well.  Someone from the coffee team should come in to help and collect up these items.

Towels and washrags should be put in the laundry basket after use- the church has a washer/dryer and the custodial staff will wash them.

Thank you for your service to our church! Together we are providing a welcoming social time for members and newcomers!