Wednesday Rise & Shine worship
Wednesdays at 7:30 am (on your way by 8:00 am)

Please note: Rise & Shine worship will not meet on December 25 or January 1.

Start your day offering gratitude with your neighbors. Join us to celebrate new light and love every morning.  No sermon — just a half hour of psalms, songs and prayers in community.

Meets in the downtown Sanctuary choir loft.

All are welcome!


Is Rise and Shine accessible?


Is there a dress code?

There is no dress code.  The predominant style is casual or business casual as some attendees come on their way to work.

Who leads worship?

Worship is led by staff members who were inspired by the experience of using of Upper Room Worship Book at the Academy for Spiritual Formation, along with members of the congregation who volunteer.

What can I expect at a Rise & Shine service?

Worship starts promptly at 7:30 am and participants are on their way by 8 am.

A small group gathers in the intimate space of the choir loft in the sanctuary.

We follow a liturgy that offers gratitude for new light and love of each day through psalms, songs and prayers in community.  We are reminded that God has been present in the ancient of days, but is also present for us each day. There is no sermon, no choir.

What about my kids?

Kids are welcome at all FUMC services.  However, there is no child care for Rise and Shine.

Do you offer Communion?

There is no sacrament of Holy Communion served at this service. Communion is typically served on the first Sunday of the month and at the Essentials worship service each Sunday.

How is the offering handled?

There is no formal collection of offering at this service.  If you choose to leave an offering, there will be a basket available as you exit.  We appreciate your gifts of generosity.