Worship Schedule

We offer services on Saturday evenings at 5:00 p.m. at Green Wood, and Sunday mornings at 9:30 and 11:15 a.m. downtown. See service descriptions to the left.


February 14  –  ASH WEDNESDAY  –  Downtown Taize worship at 7:00 pm

Lenten Sermon Series 
Journey to the Resurrection: A Pilgrimage of Hope
The Stations of the Cross depict the journey Jesus took from betrayal to crucifixion. It is called Via Dolorosa (the way of sorrow). Stations of the Cross is a spiritual walk as one moves through images depicting Jesus’ way to the cross. There are prayers and scripture that go with each station for contemplation. It can be a powerful devotion. Personally, I have been partial to the resurrection of Jesus as opposed to the crucifixion, even though the reality is one can’t get to the resurrection without moving through the crucifixion. We can’t help but acknowledge that life is often filled with sorrow and disappointment. However, the Christian message does not dwell on the crucifixion. Rather it lives in the hope that comes with resurrection. God can take our sorrow and disappointment and create new beginnings of life and hope. This year we will experience “Journey to the Resurrection: A Pilgrimage of Hope”. We will have the opportunity to experience this journey through art that you or someone in the congregation produces to help us move through this spiritual pilgrimage.

February 17/18  –  Lent I  –  Rev. Nancy Lynn

February 24/25  –  Lent II  –  Rev. Doug Paterson
Honoring United Methodist Women

March 3/4  –  Lent III  –  Rev. Doug Paterson  –  HOLY COMMUNION

March 10/11  –  Lent IV  –  Rev. Nancy Lynn

March 17/18  –  Lent V  –  Rev. Doug Paterson

March 24/25  –  Lent VI  – PALM SUNDAY  –  Rev. Doug Paterson

March 29  –  MAUNDY THURSDAY  –  Downtown worship at 7:00 pm

March 30  –  GOOD FRIDAY
Downtown midday community services – 12:00, 12:30, and 1:00 pm
Green Wood evening services – 7:00, 7:30, and 8:00 pm

March 31/April 1  –  EASTER  –  Rev. Doug Paterson
“No Foolin’” Mark 16:1-7, 9-15

April 7/8  –  HOLY COMMUNION  –  Rev. Nancy Lynn
“The Benefit of the Doubt”  John 20:19-31

Seniors in high school will reflect on the impact of their faith as part of this annual worship service. All components of this service are planned and cared for by the youth of our congregation.

April 21/22  –  Rev. Doug Paterson

April 28/29  –  Rev. Bob Roth, Wesley Chaplain
“The Ethiopian Eunuch—A Church for All!”  Acts 8:26-40

May 5/6  –  CONFIRMATION (at 9:30 am service)  –  Rev. Nancy Lynn
“Far More to Explore”  John 15:9-17

May 12/13   

Green Wood and 11:15 am downtown  –  Rev. Doug Paterson

Downtown 9:30 am  –  Children’s Spring Musical
Enjoy a performance of “In the Image” led by our youngest musical ensembles (Written by Mark Burrows)

May 19/20   

Green Wood  –  Rev. Doug Paterson

Downtown 9:30 & 11:15 am  –  Chancel Choir, Soli and Orchestra
Music Sunday presentation of Felix Mendelssohn’s “Elijah, Op. 70”
Part One (9:30 am worship); Part Two (11:15 am worship)  

May 26/27  –  MEMORIAL SUNDAY  –  Rev. Nancy Lynn
Summer schedule begins downtown: one service only at 9:30 am
Service of Remembrance in the Memorial Garden at 10:45 am


June 9/10  –  Rev. Doug Paterson
This is Rev. Paterson’s last preaching weekend!

June 16/17  –  Rev. Nancy Lynn

June 23/24  –  Rev. Nancy Lynn