Caring Ministries

We are called to compassion.

Here are a few of the ways we care for each other.

If you want to request help or if you want to volunteer, please contact Amy Kennedy at

Stephen Ministers

Offering active listening and support during life transitions and vulnerable times.
Confidentiality is observed.

Contact Amy Kennedy at or Elaine Shaw at

Uncommon Threads

Creating prayer shawls and quilts for those in need of comfort.

Contact Sandy at or 745-663-8890 for information or to contribute your skills.

To request a shawl delivery, contact Amy Kennedy at

Prayer Chain

The Prayer Chain members serve our congregation by holding concerns and celebrations in God’s light.

You can submit a prayer request online or contact Amy Kennedy at

Doorstep Disciples

Thoughtful contactless deliveries to stay in touch during the pandemic.

Contact Amy Kennedy at or Beth Pascoe at

Visitation Team

Maintaining a connection with members who can no longer attend church through monthly visits

Contact Phyllis Rector at or 734-482-8999.

New Beginnings

Women who have lost a spouse meeting monthly in friendship and understanding

Contact Kathy Lawless at or 429-5536.

JOY Luncheons

Serving up food and fellowship for Just Older Youth (anyone over age 60)

Contact Tina Alee at or 734-662-4536.

Neighborhood Care Groups

Connecting FUMC neighbors – everyone is included!

Find out which care group you live near – email

Help for growing families

We have two moms of young families and a lactation consultant who would love to offer resources and support.

Contact Amy Kennedy at or Beth Pascoe at if you could use help or advice after the birth of a baby.

Hospital visits and meal offerings

Supporting those who are sick as needs arise.

Contact Amy Kennedy at

Memorial Receptions

Offering hospitality to grieving families following memorial services at our church.

Contact Ann Hanton at or 734-580-2107.

Questions? Contact Amy Kennedy at

Are we missing something important?

If there’s a ministry area that you would like to see started, please share your ideas and passion with Amy Kennedy. She’d love to hear from you.