“Being a believer requires community and fellowship.” - John Wesley

Adult Groups

Adult Groups are a critical component of life and ministry at FUMC Ann Arbor.

You are encouraged to explore these opportunities to engage your mind, body and spirit. 

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Adult Faith Formation

Adult Faith Formation classes are open to all on a drop in basis. If you have questions or you are interested in leading a class or are looking for a specific topic, contact Debbie Houghton at debbie@fumc-a2.org.

Drop In Groups

Drop in groups provide great spaces to meet new people and build relationships with others who share similar interests for friendship, support, activity, discussion and prayer. Group size and meeting frequency varies.

Adult Small Groups

Adult Small Groups (approx. 6-8 participants) foster space for prayer, friendship, intentional service, and deep connection with other members of the church. There are three sessions of small group time during the year: January-March, May-July and September-November. Watch the latest news and the event calendar for sign-up times for each session. Questions? Contact Debbie Houghton at debbie@fumc-a2.org.

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Covenant Groups

How do we keep on living in hope in our pandemic lives? John Wesley had an idea. John Wesley was the leader of Methodism: he created small groups to ask the question, “How goes it with your soul?” Many of us need to know that we are not alone in mourning losses of our “normal” life to this pandemic life, and in searching for courage and support to carry on. The Covenant Group is a way to help each of us discover what we need to put “oil in our lamps” (to use a parable of Jesus).
Covenant groups will return in January of 2023.

United Women of Faith

United Women of Faith is a nationwide organization. Here at FUMC Ann Arbor the United Women of Faith have various programs throughout the year.

All women are invited to participate in these times of fellowship, worship and learning.

Supportive Groups That Nurture Our Community

Providing companionship and support for different stages and transitions in life.

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