Church Volunteer Opportunities

Green Wood Worship Volunteers
Clean up before Saturday worship; set up; take down; run the sound system; contribute snacks; greet and check in with people; and to close up the building when worship is over. We will provide the training!


  • Unlock building
  • Sweep floor as needed


  • Distribute bulletins and direct newcomers
  • Count number of people
  • Assist in maintaining order as needed
  • Collect and package offering
  • Give offering package to pastor

Sound equipment

  • Set up microphones and sound board
  • Operate sound board during worship as needed
  • Tear down and store microphones and sound board after service

Slide operator

  • Obtain laptop and connect to video display
  • Operate slides
  • Secure laptop at end of worship

Potluck organizers

  • Determine menu
  • Organize donated dishes for balance
  • Follow up reminders (send email to donors)

Close up building after worship

  • Close up and lock building per side door instructions
Downtown Worship Volunteers
  • Greet people as they arrive at church on Sunday mornings.
  • Help livestream our Sunday service (no prior experience is needed).
Connections Volunteers
Help host Connections on Sundays. Connections offers a time and place for people to connect, reconnect, and embrace the welcoming environment of FUMC.
Children’s Ministry Volunteers
We are looking for volunteers to be part of a long tradition of excellent children’s programming.
Please also consider filling out the church interests and skills inventory here so we know what you like to do.