June 9, 2024 – Covenant: God’s Great Do-Over

June 9, 2024 – Covenant: God’s Great Do-Over

Because the Bible is a collection of stories, poems, histories, and prophecies written by many different people over hundreds of years, it can seem disjointed. Yet, there are a few themes that tie the pieces together. One of them is God’s relationship with God’s people which can be traced through the covenants God makes with humanity along the way. Our worship series, “Covenant”, will look at the covenants God made with Noah, Abraham, and Moses, and the New Covenant God made through Jesus Christ and how they inform our covenant with God today.

This week in our “Covenant” worship series we will look at the story of Noah’s ark and the Great Flood with a sermon entitled “God's Great Do-Over”. Join us as we explore God’s relationship with God's people as told through God’s covenant promises!

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June 9, 2024