Guidelines for guest artist videos

Thank you for your artistic skills in providing music recordings for our worship services! Here are some guidelines.



Fully-realized videos and corresponding copyright/credit information are typically due by noon the Wednesday prior to the Saturday/Sunday service. 

Standalone audio files (where you are not providing visuals) must be provided by no later than noon the Friday of the week prior – approximately 8 or 9 days prior to the Saturday/Sunday service.



Following copyright rules is imperative or our videos might be taken down from YouTube. For all songs, you must provide the video AND credit information. 

For all songs you must have/grant us copyright permission to provide the song. 

For example:

SongNameHere © Bob King, Used with permission.

SongNameHere, arr. Bob King. Public Domain. 

If you are supplementing your video with other videos or still shots:

Either the videos and/or photographs must be taken by you (which requires no additional information), or you must get them from a copyright-free source, such as,, etc. Please provide us with the names of the artists and the website source. 

For example:

SongNameHere © Bob King, Used with permission. Video of “Andover” by Tony Rosenthal; 1968 sculpture at University of Michigan, taken by Bob King. Additional imagery by Christian Bodhi, Engin Akyrt, and Lollamtan from Pixabay; and máximo from Pexels.